A Fortiori Law and Legal Definition

A Fortiori is the Latin for ?with even stronger reason,? which applies to a situation in which if one thing is true then it can be inferred that a second thing is even more certainly true. For example, if ?A? is too young to serve as an administrator, then A?s younger brother ?B? certainly is…

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A Commercial Trade Law and Legal Definition

According to 6 CFR 27.105 [Title 6. Homeland Security; Chapter I. Department of Homeland Security, Office of the Secretary; Part 27. Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards; Subpart A. General] the term A Commercial Grade (ACG) shall refer to ?any quality or concentration of a chemical of interest offered for commercial sale that a facility uses, stores,manufactures,…

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A Fortiori Argument Law and Legal Definition

A fortiori argument means an argument from a strong source. This term is derived from the Latin legal maxim argumentum a fortiori. A fortiori argument is applied by following the logic that a point to be proved is followed from a stronger claim. This principle is applied in situations where:

A Mensa Et Thoro Law and Legal Definition

A Mensa Et Thoro is a Latin term which means ?from board and hearth?. It is a kind of divorce which does not dissolve the marriage bond, but merely authorizes a separate life of the husband and wife. This is similar to a court-sanctioned separation where the husband and wife are not legally obligated to…

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A Mensa Et Toro Law and Legal Definition

The literal meaning of the term is “from bed and board.” A divorce a mensa et toro, is rather a separation of the parties by act of law, than a dissolution of the marriage. It may be granted for the causes of extreme cruelty or desertion of the wife by the husband. This kind of…

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A Number Law and Legal Definition

?A Number? means the alien registration number. The Department of Homeland Security assigns an A number to each alien. It is an alphanumeric number. It is an eight digit number preceded by an A. For example, A 29 459 278. Some recently issued A numbers consist of an “A” followed by nine digits.

A Prendre Law and Legal Definition

This is a French term meaning ?for taking? or ?for seizure.? It is most often used in the phrase, “profit a prendre.” Profit a prendre is a right to enter another?s land and take something of value off the land of another person. The thing taken must be something taken out of the soil. For…

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A Priori Law and Legal Definition

Latin term meaning ?from the cause to the effect.? A priori is a term of logic used to denote that when one generally accepted truth is shown to be a cause, another particular effect must necessarily follow. This phrase refers to a type of reasoning that examines given general principles to discover what particular facts…

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