ABA-Approved Law Schools Law and Legal Definition

Law Schools that have received accreditation from the American Bar Association [ABA] are known as ABA approved law schools. Only institutions fulfilling the accreditation requirements set out by the ABA are eligible for ABA accreditation. Accreditation by the ABA is regarded as ensuring a quality legal education for students. The term, ABA non-approved law schools,…

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Abactor Law and Legal Definition

Abactor means a person who steals or drives away herds of cattle or beasts consisting of a large number of cattles and beasts. A person who steals or drives a single beast or animal is not an abactor. An abactor is also called as abigeus, and abigeator.

Abandon Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 25 CFR 11.900 [Title 25 — Indians, Chapter I — Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior], the term abandon means ?the leaving of a minor without communication or failing to support a minor for a period of one year or more with no indication of the parents’ willingness to assume a…

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Abandoned Infant Law and Legal Definition

The term ?abandoned infant? is used to refer to a newborn child who is abandoned in dumpsters or other public places, or left in the possession of another person without any identifying information.

Abandoned Mined Lands Law and Legal Definition

According to 7 CFR 632.4 [Title 7?Agriculture; Subtitle B — Regulations of the Department of Agriculture; Chapter VI — Natural Resources Conservation Service, Department of Agriculture; Subchapter D — Long Term Contracting; Part 632 — Rural Abandoned Mine Program; Subpart A ? General], abandoned mined lands are ?unreclaimed coal-mined lands that existed before August 3,…

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Abandoned Pipeline Law and Legal Definition

An abandoned pipeline is a pipeline that is physically separated from its source of gas. It is no longer maintained under 49 CFR Part 192. An abandoned pipeline is no longer connected to the system. The term is commonly seen used in litigation relating to oil and gas.

Abandoned Property Law and Legal Definition

Abandoned property refers to the property to which the owner has relinquished all rights. When property is abandoned, the owner gives up the reasonable expectation of privacy concerning it. The person finding the abandoned property is entitled to keep it. A police officer shall take possession of abandoned property as evidence without violating the Fourth…

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Abandoned Security Property [Agriculture] Law and Legal Definition

According to 7 CFR 761.2 [Title 7 ? Agriculture, Subtitle B – Regulations of the Department of Agriculture, Chapter VII – Farm Service Agency, Department of Agriculture, Subchapter D – Special Programs, Part 761 – General Program Administration, Subpart A – General Provisions], abandoned security property is ?security property that a borrower is not occupying,…

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