Abandoned Vehicle Law and Legal Definition

Abandoned vehicles are cars, boats, and other means of motorized transportation that are left on another’s property for a period of time as defined by local statutes, which vary by locality. Such laws are enacted due to abandoned vehicles which create fire hazards and constitute an attractive nuisance, creating a hazard to the health and…

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Abandonee Law and Legal Definition

Abandonee means a person to whom a right or property is legally abandoned or renounced. The term abandonee generally applies to insurers of vessels and cargoes.

Abandonment Allowance (Oil and Gas) Law and Legal Definition

Abandonment Allowance is an allowance for expenditure incurred in respect of abandoning an oil field. The term abandoned well as used in the oil and gas industry means a well that is not in use because it ceased to produce natural gas or because it was a dry hole.

Abandonment Clause Law and Legal Definition

?Abandonment clause? is a clause in a property insurance contract. The clause permits the property owner to abandon lost or damaged property and still claim a full settlement amount under certain circumstances. If the insured party’s property cannot be recovered, or the cost to recover or repair it is more than its total value, it…

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Abandonment of Barges Act Law and Legal Definition

The Abandonment of Barges Act (?Act?) is a federal legislation that states that an owner or operator of a barge may not abandon it on the navigable waters of the U.S. It is established pursuant to 46 USCS § 4703. In the following cases, a barge is deemed not to be abandoned if:

Abandonment of Copyright Law and Legal Definition

Abandonment of copyright or dedication to the public domain occurs when a copyright owner intentionally gives up copyright protection for a work. When the copyright in a work is abandoned by the owner it enters the public domain. Thus, s/he no longer owns any exclusive rights in the work and cannot bring a claim of…

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Abandonment of Property Law and Legal Definition

Abandonment of property is the relinquishment of a right or of property with the intention of not reclaiming it or reassuming its ownership or enjoyment. Under some jurisdictions, except in the case of a perfect legal title to a corporeal hereditament, every right or interest in, title to, or ownership of property may be lost…

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