Abandonment Option Law and Legal Definition

Abandonment option is the option of terminating an investment prior to the fulfillment of the original conditions for termination. Abandonment option gives parties the option of withdrawing from the contract before the fulfillment or completion of all contractual duties. This clause adds value by giving the parties the ability to end the obligation if it…

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Abandonment Value Law and Legal Definition

?Abandonment value? is the value of a project or asset if it were immediately liquidated. It is also referred to as the liquidation value. The abandonment value is what would be left over after an asset is sold and all the bills were paid. It is also called the liquidation value. The abandonment value is…

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Abandonment [Intercountry Adoption] Law and Legal Definition

According to 8 CFR 204.301[Title 8 Aliens And Nationality; Chapter I. Department Of Homeland Security (Immigration And Naturalization); Subchapter B. Immigration Regulations; Part 204. Immigrant Petitions; Subpart C. Intercountry Adoption Of A Convention Adoptee], ?abandonment? means:

Abatable Nuisance Law and Legal Definition

An abatable nuisance is a nuisance that is very easily removable. A nuisance is a substantial interference with the right to use and enjoy land. Such interference may be intentional, negligent or ultra-hazardous in origin. If a nuisance interferes with another person’s quiet or peaceful use of his/her property, a lawsuit may arise for damages…

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Abatamentum Law and Legal Definition

Abatamentum in old English Law means an abatement of freehold. It means the wrongful dispossession of an heir who was to take ancestor’s real property?s possession, by wrongful entry of a stranger after the ancestor’s death and before the heir had taken possession. The stranger enters upon the lands by way of interposition between the…

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Abatement Law and Legal Definition

Abatement generally refers to a lessening or reduction of something. It may refer to the removal of a problem which is contrary to public or private policy, or endangers others. For example, a municipality may serve a notice for abatement of nuisance on a landowner for weeds that might catch fire on an otherwise empty…

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Abatement Clause Law and Legal Definition

Abatement clause is a lease provision releasing a lessee from the rent obligation when an act of God prevents the occupancy of the premises. Generally the circumstances under which rent abatement is allowed include destruction of the building or such other condition that makes it uninhabitable. An abatement clause will terminate the lease if there…

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Abatement of Freehold Law and Legal Definition

Abatement of freehold refers to the entry of a stranger into the property after the death of the ancestor but before the heir takes possession of the same. Because of this act the rightful possession of the heir is defeated.

Abatement of Action Law and Legal Definition

Abatement of action refers to the entire overthrow or destruction of an action, resulting from the fact that the defendant pleads a matter which defeats the action either for the time being or permanently.

Abatement of Bequest Law and Legal Definition

Abatement of bequest is the process of determining the distribution of the assets left by a testator at his/her death among the various beneficiaries named in the will. It is done when it appears that such assets are insufficient to pay both the debts of the testator and the expenses of administrating his/her estate and…

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