C Corporation Law and Legal Definition

This type of general, for-profit corporation is referred to as a ?C? corporation (referring to Chapter C in the IRS code). “C Corporation” merely refers to a regular, state-formed corporation. A corporation is owned by shareholders and is managed and controlled by the board of directors who elect the president and are responsible for the…

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C&P Examination [Veterans’ Benefits] Law and Legal Definition

According to 38 CFR 60.2 [Title 38 — Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans’ Relief; Chapter I — Department of Veterans Affairs; Part 60 — Fisher Houses and Other Temporary Lodging], C&P examination means ?an examination requested by VA’s Compensation and Pension Service to be conducted at a VA health care facility for the purpose of evaluating…

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C-1 Visa Law and Legal Definition

The C-1 Transit Visa is a Nonimmigrant Visa that allows foreign nationals to enter the United States while transiting to another foreign country. The C-1 Transit Visa can be used to travel in and out of the United States when the foreign national?s final destination is another country. The applicant’s principal purpose of trip to…

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C-1D Visa Law and Legal Definition

The C-1D Visa is a Nonimmigrant Visa specifically issued for the use of ship or airline crew who are non U.S. passport holders or permanent residents, and allows them entry to and exit from the United States. These crew members intend to arrive in and exit from the United States with the same airline or…

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C-2 Visa Law and Legal Definition

The C-2 Transit Visa is a Nonimmigrant Visa which allows foreign nationals traveling to the United Nations (UN) Headquarters on official work, as well U.N. officials passing through the U.S. to another foreign country, to enter into the U.S.

C-3 Visa Law and Legal Definition

The C-3 Transit Visa is a Nonimmigrant Visa which allows accredited foreign government officials to enter into the U.S. while in transit to another foreign country, for official work. To obtain C-3 Visa, the applicant should have a ticket to reach the proposed destination outside the U.S., possess adequate funds to complete the trip, and…

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Cabinet Law and Legal Definition

In the political context, a cabinet is a board make up of certain officers. The U.S. President’s cabinet is made up of the Vice President and the heads of 15 executive departments-the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and…

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Cable and Satellite Directive Law and Legal Definition

Cable and Satellite Directive or the Directive on the Coordination of Certain Rules Concerning Copyright and Neighboring Rights Applicable to Satellite Broadcasting and Cable Retransmission is a European Union directive which governs the application of copyright and related rights to satellite and cable television in the European Union. It was made under the internal market…

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Cable Channel Law and Legal Definition

According to 47 USCS § 522, the term “cable channel” or “channel” means a portion of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum that is used in a cable system and is capable of delivering a television channel.

Cable Operator Law and Legal Definition

By virtue of 47 USCS § 522, the term “cable operator” means any person or group of persons (A) who provide cable service over a cable system and directly or through one or more affiliates own a significant interest in such cable system, or (B) who otherwise control or are responsible for, through any arrangement,…

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