D&B Law and Legal Definition

Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) is a public company that provides global business information, knowledge and insight to small business enterprises. D&B is the provider of international and U.S. business credit information and credit reports. It maintains information about more than 200 million companies worldwide.

D’Oench Doctrine Law and Legal Definition

The D’Oench doctrine refers to a banking rule which means that a borrower or guarantor cannot assert an unrecorded agreement with a failed bank against attempts by the federal insurer such as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or its assigns to collect on a promissory note.

D.A. Law and Legal Definition

D.A. is the abbreviation as well as slang for District Attorney. In the U.S., D.A. is an elected or appointed government official who represents the government in the prosecution of criminal offenses. The district attorney is the highest officeholder in the jurisdiction’s legal department. General duties of D.A. include managing the prosecutor’s office, investigating alleged…

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D.B.A. [Doing Business As] Law and Legal Definition

D.B.A.[Doing business as] is used to refer to the second name of an organization in situations where it has one “corporate” name but uses another name in its business transactions. For example, if a nonprofit organization having its corporate name as “Nonprofit Services for the Disabled children” but use the name, “Guardian of Angels” on…

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Dagger Law and Legal Definition

Dagger is a double edged blade, usually used as a defense weapon in close combat. It is primarily meant for stabbing or thrusting. A dagger comes with or without a hand guard and usually has a tang running along the centerline of the blade into the handle.

Daily Accrual Accounting Law and Legal Definition

Daily accrual accounting is the method of calculating the interest earned on a daily basis if provided in terms of note and permitted by state law. Interest is calculated at the contract rate on the unpaid balance on the account based on the number of days that lapse from the date of previous payment received…

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Daily Settlement Price Law and Legal Definition

According to 17 CFR 41.43 [Title 17 — Commodity and Securities Exchanges; Chapter I — Commodity Futures Trading Commission; Part 41 — Security Futures Products; Subpart E — Customer Accounts and Margin Requirements], daily settlement price means ?with respect to a security future, the settlement price of such security future determined at the close of…

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Daily Vessel Quota Law and Legal Definition

According to 36 CFR 13.1102 [Title 36-Parks, Forests, and Public Property -Chapter 1-National Park Service, Department of the Interior-Part 13-National Park System Units in Alaska Subpart N-Special Regulations-Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve Administrative Provisions] daily vessel quota means ?the maximum number of vessels allowed, by vessel category, on any one calendar day.?

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