J Curve Law and Legal Definition

J Curve is a theory stating that a country’s trade deficit will worsen initially after the depreciation of its currency because higher prices on foreign imports will be greater than the reduced volume of imports. The shape of this, if graphed over time, would look like a J.

J Visa Law and Legal Definition

A J Visa refers to a type of Visa required for temporary workers on J1 work and travel or J1 trainees who are coming to work or train with an organization that has been approved for an exchange program under the J Visa regulations.

J-1 Visa Law and Legal Definition

A J-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa issued to an exchange visitor. A J-1 visa can be issued to someone planning to participate in work-and study-based exchange visitor programs. It is commonly issued to a student participating in an exchange program in school or someone seeking medical or business training within the U.S. All applicants…

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Jackson Standard Law and Legal Definition

Jackson standard refers to a legal principle determining the objective standard for testing the overall direct or circumstantial evidence. The principle of Jackson standard was developed from Jackson v. Virginia, 543 U.S. 891 (U.S. 2004).

Jackson-Denno Hearing Law and Legal Definition

Jackson-Denno hearing refers to a court proceeding determining whether a defendant?s confession was voluntary or involuntary. The concept of Jackson-Denno hearing was evolved from the case, Jackson v. Denno, 378 U.S. 368 (U.S. 1964). The court also determines if the confession can be admissible as evidence. Generally, Jackson-Denno hearing is held outside a jury?s presence….

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Jactitation of Marriage Law and Legal Definition

The word jactitate is derived from the Latin word “jactare,” which means to “throw, toss about, discuss, or boast of.” In English Law, jactitation of marriage is untruthful boasting of one party that s/he is married to another. The English ecclesiastical courts began to entertain actions against those who made such boasts from at least…

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Jactitatory Action Law and Legal Definition

Jactitation is a false claim repeated to the prejudice of another?s right. It is a malicious boasting and is similar to slander of title. The Jactitatory Action, included with the Possessory Action, is an action to remedy this defamation or disturbance.

JAG Law and Legal Definition

JAG is an abbreviated form of Judge Advocate General. JAG refers to the legal branch of the United States Armed Forces. Judge Advocates advices on a wide variety of issues dealing with administrative law, law of war and international relations, environmental law, etc., and also serve as prosecutors in courts-martial. They also serve as judges…

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Jail Law and Legal Definition

Jails are places that confine persons accused of crimes and awaiting trial or convicted of a crime. Jails exist on the local and county levels.

Jail Credit Law and Legal Definition

Jail credit refers to the time that is spent by a defendant in confinement in any State or local correctional, mental or other institution as a result of the charge that culminated in the sentence. Usually, this time spent is deducted from the defendant?s final sentence if the defendant is convicted. A defendant is entitled…

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