Q Access Authorization [Nuclear Regulatory Commission] Law and Legal Definition

According to 10 CFR 25.5 [Title 10 ? Energy; Chapter I — Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Part 25 — Access Authorization General Provisions], ?Q? access authorization means ?an access authorization granted by the Commission normally based on a single scope background investigation conducted by the Office of Personnel Management, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or other…

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QTIP Trust Law and Legal Definition

QTIP trust refers to qualified terminal interest property trust. It is a testamentary trust established to transfer assets between spouses when one spouse dies. Under this trust the assets are considered part of the surviving spouse?s estate and are therefore not subject to the estate tax on the decedent spouse?s estate.

Quadrominium Law and Legal Definition

The term quadrominium refers to a building consisting of four individually owned apartments or living units. It is a four-unit condominium project. In a quadrominium, each of four owners has the facility available for three months a year and is responsible for one-quarter of the facility’s cost.

Quaeitur Law and Legal Definition

Quaeitur is a Latin term. It is a term that is generally seen used in English law. When used in the context of English law, it means ?the question is raised?.

Quaere Law and Legal Definition

Quaere means to inquire or query. In legal context, quaere indicates that a person expressing the view that precedes the phrase can not adhere to the hypothesis following it. Generally, the term is used in law textbooks to indicate that a point was dubious or questionable. Quaere is used as a note for suggesting further…

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