S Corporation Law and Legal Definition

An S corporation combines the limited liability of a corporation and the “pass-through” tax-treatment of a partnership. It is a business structure suited to small business owners who want the continuity and liability protection of a corporation but wish to be taxed as a sole proprietorship or partnership. S corporation status is appropriate for:

Sabbath Law Law and Legal Definition

Sabbath means Sunday. Sabbath law is a statute regulating or prohibiting commercial activities on Sundays. Sabbath laws were common in olden days. However, they have declined since the 1980s, when many courts held them invalid because of their origin in religion. Sunday being the Christian Sabbath.

Sabbatical Law and Legal Definition

Sabbath means a day of rest. Some universities and other institutional employers of scientists, physicians, or academics offer paid sabbatical as an employee benefit. Sabbatical is a period of time during which a faculty member is not teaching. During the period of sabbatical, faculty will be concentrating on his/her own education or research. Sabbatical leave…

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Sabotage Law and Legal Definition

Sabotage is the act of hampering, deliberating subverting, or hurting the efforts of another. It is most often an issue in the context of military law, when a person attempts to thwart a war affort, or in employment law, when disgruntled employees destroy employer property.

Sacrament Law and Legal Definition

A sacrament is a religious ceremony conducted formally to confer specific grace on those who receive. It is an apparent and visible sign of inward spiritual grace. It also refers to a religious rite that is similar in character or meaning to a Christian sacrament. In the Eastern, Roman Catholic, and some other Western Christian…

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Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Wetlands Mitigation Bank Act of 1993 Law and Legal Definition

Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Wetlands Mitigation Bank Act of 1993, provides for the protection of wetlands in Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley. Wetland banking, allows developers to buy preserved habitat, offers a valuable option to isolated and sometimes weak onsite mitigation efforts. Wetland banking is also, perhaps, the best solution for allowing development while preserving natural wetland. This…

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Sacramentum Decisionis Law and Legal Definition

Sacramentum decisionis is the voluntary or decisive oath of the civil law. It is a voluntary and decisive oath whereby the suit could be decided, if the other party, not being able to prove his charge, offered to refer the decision to the oath of his adversary.

Sadism Law and Legal Definition

Sadism is a type of personality disorder. Sadism denotes conduct that exceeds that which is inherent in the commission of the offense. Sadism is grouped with torture, excessive brutality, and conduct designed to substantially increase the fear and anxiety a victim suffered during the offense.

Saevitia Law and Legal Definition

Saevitia is a Latin term which means ?cruel.? This term is used to indicate cruelty in a marriage as a result of which cohabitation of the spouses is dangerous enough to justify a decree of separation.

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