X Law and Legal Definition

X is a mark that usually serves as the signature of a person who is physically handicapped or illiterate. The signer?s name appears near the mark. If the mark is to be notarized as a signature, in addition to the notary public two signing witnesses are also required.

X or XD Law and Legal Definition

X or XD is a symbol used in newspapers to signify that a stock is trading without dividend. The symbol X is also used in bond tables to signify without interest. It also means that a mutual fund recently paid a capital gain or dividend.

X-Inefficiency Law and Legal Definition

X-Inefficiency is the cost that is higher than it needs to be because a firm is operating inefficiently. This is most often seen for firms that have a great deal of market control, especially monopoly. The lack of competition allows a business to pad it’s expenses, hire unneeded employees (like relatives), goof off instead of…

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X-M Law and Legal Definition

X-M is the abbreviation for net exports. It is the difference between exports of goods and services produced by the domestic economy and purchased by the foreign sector and imports ofgoods and services produced by the foreign sector and purchased by the domestic economy. While exports and imports are important, when combined into a single…

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X-Patent Law and Legal Definition

X-Patents are the patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) from July 1790 to July 1836. These patent records were burned in the Great Fire of 1836 when the facility where the records were temporarily stored caught fire.

X-rated Law and Legal Definition

The term ?X-rated? as used in the entertainment industry is a certification given to movies with mature themes for audiences over the age of seventeen or eighteen. Such films deemed to have graphic sex, violence and rude language as its content. The over usage of this rating had negative effects on some films. Due to…

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Xenodochium Law and Legal Definition

Xenodochium is a term used to refer an inn allowed by public license for the reception and entertainment of strangers, and other guests and also for the relief of paupers. Xenodochium is also referred to a hospital where ill and infirm persons are taken care of. The usage of this term was common in old…

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XYY Chromosome Defense Law and Legal Definition

This is a defense that is asserted in Criminal law. It is based on a theory that a defendant’s XYY chromosomal abnormality is a condition that should relieve him or her of legal responsibility for his or her criminal act.

XYY Syndrome Law and Legal Definition

XYY syndrome is the condition where an extra Y chromosome is found in a male. This condition may result in over aggressiveness and criminal behavior. People having XYY syndrome may suffer from learning difficulties and delayed language skills.

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