Zone Restricted Status Law and Legal Definition

Zone Restricted Status is a status of zone merchandise transferred to a zone for the sole purpose of exportation or destruction. Zone restricted status merchandise cannot be changed or brought into the U.S. Customs Territory without the specific permission of the Foreign-Trade Zones Board. The permission is granted on a case-by-case review, and only if…

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Zero-Volatility Spread Law and Legal Definition

Zero-volatility spread refers to the constant spread that will make the price of a security equal to the present value of its cash flows when added to the yield at each point on the spot rate Treasury curve where a cash flow is received. It is a tool used in the analysis of an asset…

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Zipper Clause Law and Legal Definition

A zipper clause is a clause in an employment agreement in which both parties waive the right to demand bargaining on any matter not dealt with in the contract, regardless of whether that matter was contemplated when the contract was negotiated or signed. A zipper clause in a written contract makes it clear that only…

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Zoe Law Law and Legal Definition

The Social Security Domestic Employment Reform Act of 1994 is referred to as Zoe Law. It listed the rules on reporting wages and taxes for individuals who hire domestic workers. It is also referred to as Nanny Tax.

Zombie Copyright Law and Legal Definition

Zombie copyright is a copyright that is restored or that has been resurrected after it has expired and the work placed in the public domain. Copyright restoration is allowed in certain circumstances under the enactment of Section 104A of the U.S. Copyright Act.

Zone Law and Legal Definition

Zone refers to an area that is distinguished from neighboring areas. It also refers to certain areas in the city or town that has zoning regulations over activities such as construction and usage of land.

Zone of Employment Law and Legal Definition

Zone of employment refers to the physical place where a person is employed. This term is widely used in discussing workers? compensation issues. If a worker is injured in the zone of employment, s/he shall be eligible to receive compensation for service connected injury.

Zone of Interests Law and Legal Definition

Zone of interest refers to the class or type of interests that are protected by a statute or the constitution. In order to challenge a ruling, the party has to prove that the loss or injury suffered falls under the particular zone of interests that the specific statute protects.

Zone of Natural Expansion (Trademark) Law and Legal Definition

Zone of natural expansion is a doctrine that can be used to extend a trademark’s prior rights into a new geographical area, or into a new product line. The doctrine applies when a company is already using their trademark in one area, and the newly expanded area is a natural extension of the prior use….

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Zone of Privacy Law and Legal Definition

Zone of privacy refers to a set of distinctive privacy rights that are fundamentally protected by the Constitution. These rights are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. For example a citizen has every right to be secure in one?s person, or house.

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